Dementia Care Clinic at Leawood

Caitlin is an outstanding occupational therapist and is passionate about developing programs for maximizing independence for people with dementia. She received advanced training in dementia care in March 2020 to earn the title of Therapy Expert for Abilities Care Holistic Approach (TEACHA). Caitlin has developed an amazing program here at our facility and enjoys others how to improve the quality of life for all individuals with dementia that we have the privilege to serve. Caitlin says this of our program, “I believe it is incredibly important, now more than ever, that we as clinicians use the tools available to us and our clinical knowledge to help develop and implement strategies based on our residents’ functional cognition and strengths to reduce their risk of decline, promote engagement, and for overall quality of life. I love and it is an honor to work with this population as we have the resources to really get to know who our residents are, what makes them the person they are today, and then to use that knowledge to help them achieve their goals.

For more information about how we can help you or your loved one be as independent as possible at home, please contact us.