SPEAK OUT! Success at Leawood

The SPEAK OUT! therapy program’s primary focus is to improve communication, for those with Parkinson’s, by speaking with intent. SPEAK OUT! offers a series of speech, voice, and cognitive exercises to practice using intention as we communicate. When Pam Weamer initially started our SPEAK OUT! therapy program, she did not have the awareness that she was speaking in a way that was impacting her communication with others. After weeks of active participation and motivation to improve her communication with friends and family, Pam has demonstrated improved independence and self-awareness for utilizing intentional communication throughout her day. Pam has demonstrated a confidence to advocate for herself and others by stating, “I’m speaking loudly and with intent” during a recreational activity within her current environment.

Pam states the following regarding her success with the SPEAK OUT! Parkinson Voice Project: The SPEAK OUT! therapy program has helped me speak more loudly and with intent to my family and friends. I can handle phone conversations better and make my needs known easier with staff.”