SPEAK OUT! Success at Leawood

The SPEAK OUT! therapy program’s primary focus is to improve communication, for those with Parkinson’s, by speaking with intent. SPEAK OUT! offers a series of speech, voice, and cognitive exercises to practice using intention as we communicate. When Pam Weamer initially started our SPEAK OUT! therapy program, she did not have the awareness that she […]

Outpatient Fun at Leawood

Jorae Miller resumed outpatient therapy this spring at The Healthcare Resort of Leawood. She has previously received therapy services as both an inpatient and outpatient with us.Jorae has worked hard to improve her strength and balance to stay active in her community . She has improved her Berg balance score from 38 to 49 and […]

Rehab Success at Leawood

Thalia Erwin admitted to The Healthcare Resort of Leawood for rehab following a hospital stay due to weakness and decline in functional skills.She was able to walk 125 feet, transfer with assistance, and unable to use any stairs upon admission. After a brief stay with us, Ms. Erwin was able to walk 450 feet, use […]

Rehab to Home Success

Bev Shikles admitted to the The Healthcare Resort of Leawood for inpatient rehab and then to our ALF for outpatient services through our Rehab to Home program when her inpatient stay ended. Bev participated in our cardiopulmonary program and used modalities/exercise equipment as part of her daily physical and occupational therapy to meet her goal […]

Dementia Care Clinic at Leawood

Caitlin is an outstanding occupational therapist and is passionate about developing programs for maximizing independence for people with dementia. She received advanced training in dementia care in March 2020 to earn the title of Therapy Expert for Abilities Care Holistic Approach (TEACHA). Caitlin has developed an amazing program here at our facility and enjoys others […]

SPEAK OUT! at Leawood

Andrea Beyer is one of our amazing speech-language pathologists here at The Healthcare Resort of Leawood! She recently obtained her certification in SPEAK OUT! to better serve people in our community who have Parkinson’s disease, progressive supranuclear palsy, essential tremor, multiple system atrophy, Lewy body dementia, and corticobasal degenteration. SPEAK OUT! is a program in […]

Exercise & Brain Health

Exercise increases blood flow and oxygenates the brain so get moving! Here are some of the best exercises to improve blood flow and brain health! Yoga Walking/Hiking Biking Dancing Swimming If you are avoiding classes at the gym due to Covid-19 or do not like exercising outdoors in the cold, try online yoga, dance, or […]