Noticeable Improvements after Therapy Services

Ricky Webb admitted to us for rehab services after a significant decline in function due to Covid-19 sepsis. He had an extended and complicated hospital stay followed by an LTACH stay before admitting here. Prior to the onset of Covid-19, Ricky was working full-time and caring for his mother. Upon admission, Ricky could only walk five feet, attend to tasks for 10 minutes, and required maximum assistance with bathing, toileting, and dressing tasks. By the end of his stay, he was ambulating over 500 feet, able to use three stairs, attending to tasks for 30 minutes, and completing self-care tasks with modified independence. He was very motivated to participate in therapy and made great progress to prepare for his return to home!

I basically couldn’t walk when I got here. Ethan and Evan had a way of motivating me to push myself to get better without forcing me.

Ricky Webb, Patient